I’m tired

  • I hope people are getting it. I really do.
  • I had way more f*cks than I thought I had. I gave way more than I initially wanted to.
  • I tried not to go super deep because I felt like I had to let everyone else do they work they’ve been saying they’re eager to do. Yet and still, I posted resources.
  • I am not alone in this feeling. Notice who spoke up first and really highlighted what was going on in the craft bubble. Notice how often they are/aren’t posting.
  • I get that people are realizing and learning, but it’s also sad/maddening/frustrating to have people say, “I had no idea!” You had no idea?!? None? No clue whatsoever that racist, trash-ass mess is afoot?
  • I wish I was in the mood to come up with a gif, but I don’t want to bring humor to this post right now. Humor used properly can bring layers to a point, but not when people think the humor removes any responsibility on their part. There is still an unspoken rule that says that we have to make white people comfortable when addressing them about anything.
  • If you shared posts, gave some ko-fi, posted your fibery hands on IG, bought from BIPOC crafters, make sure you back that up by educating yourself. Educate your family members and people you know/see on a regular basis when they say something inappropriate.
  • This is not a 1,2 step to racial harmony. This might be the first wave. It might be some more dumb mess coming around the corner. Be ready when people say, “I’m glad things are back to normal.”
  • I’m still wondering why certain prominent industry people have not said something.
  • I’m wondering if it’s more comfortable for people to address racial inequality by comparing it and viewing it in the light of other versions of inequality.
  • I want to post about knitting and other things, but I’m afraid that people will think that it means that everything’s alright. It’s not.
  • The MAGA teens…where are their parents? If they had a stable home, they wouldn’t be out here like this. What happened to the strong male figure in their lives? They need to respect their elders and have some decency. I don’t want my kids going to a school like that.
  • Read up on the racial tones related to school choice and check out anything that Nikole Hannah-Jones writes.
  • Jelani Cobb is also great for everything.
  • And, for the record, those kids’ parents were probably either at a plantation sleepover weekend (stop doing those!) or watching football and complaining how Black people won’t just be respectful of the flag and stand for the anthem (police brutality is what Colin Kaepernick is protesting by taking a knee).
  • This is the anthem that includes such lyrics as

Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,

Click and read to get the real on the anthem.

I’ve been posting here and on IG and just stepping back and letting people communicate and figure some things out amongst themselves. Funny, only once was someone called a troll, and that person apologized. You mean, when you give adults safe room to open up, address their known/unknown biases, and be informed adults who learn, that they actually do better?


  1. All of this, yep. Exactly what I’ve been thinking and feeling this weekend.

    The group sigh when that last prominent person posted about levelling up, like now you only have to pretend to think about this problem once in awhile and be happy in your knitting bubble.

    Where we–BIPOC–go from here, I don’t know. No, wrong; yes, I do. I need to open my blog back up and do a weekly thing. If I don’t, then I’m being a terrible ancestor, so I’m going to start there, where I have more space to make use of my words.

    But, yes, people: I may have posted some cute pics of the grandson and some knitting in the past few days, but that does NOT mean that this conversation is over. Things have to be better for him, his brother, the great-greats I’ll never see.

    I’m rambling.Thank you for letting me rant. Thank you for ranting for and with me.

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  2. I am wondering why everyone is not upset about the deafening silence from so many who should not be. Last week on FB someone actually posted with complaints that people were telling them not to be silent. Their response was they “did not know what to say” – I told them – but you don’t get it, your silence is saying something. Lots of people I had respect for made some of the most ignorant comments on that post.

    And, those freaking kids… omg I can’t even.

    Post your knitting and things… I know things are not better – not even close, but you are a maker. So make and share – but please keep speaking out. Your voice is making a difference in me!

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  3. Thank you so much for your work. I am so sorry you have to carry this weight. I just want to say I am here, I am doing the work; not because I want a badge or a gold star, just so you know that there are *some* of us who are listening, working, moving from being *nice* to working, joining with you, heeding the call. I am sorry it took so long, I am sorry we were deaf to the cries for so long. Kia kaha, arohanui, tautoko 🙌🏽

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