Where are we now?

Warning: this post is scattered, just like my thoughts for the past week and a half
  • Things have been going left and right since that one blog post in the knitting world. The thing that I kind of like is that the cliques/social cloisters are visible. No amount of Emperor’s New Clothes in the form of enabling videos is going to cover it. I mean, if you have Black friends, and they don’t talk with you about race in a way that goes beyond “we are the world” soundbites, guess what? They’re not your friends. Friends don’t let friends do dumb shit. So, Nazi knitters showed up to the craft diversity party and it was officially on and poppin’.
  • I don’t even know what stage we’re at now in terms of racism realization. There’s 5 stages of grief, and one can pass in and out of the stages at any rate, any order. What stages are there of wokeness? I feel like I’ve just been napping my way through some of the days just to not overload on woke rage. At some point, I missed the opening ceremony to the Woke-lympics, but I didn’t miss any medal ceremonies or podiums. Also, if you’re thinking of making a list of the stages of wokeness right now, you might be doing too much.
  • That’s it! We’re moving from the “every yarn company has a Black model now” phase into the “ok, let’s settle down because some of y’all are doing too much” phase. Not everyone, but some.
  • Some still aren’t doing jacksquat, but that’s cool because you’re seen and your lack of presence is noted. Everybody isn’t staying quiet because they just don’t know what to say.
  • Hell, we just told Liam Neeson to get bent after he admitted that he wanted to kill a “black bastard” after his friend was raped some years ago by a Black man. (The time lapse does not excuse the fact that he said he wanted to start some s**t and have it end with him killing someone Black.) I say this to say that nobody is off limits. If you claim to know better, or want to know better, then you have to start to do better.
  • I just got an interesting message from someone at Firework. They really want to video chat and talk about featuring my content on their front page. Which means that they’ll take my words and monetize them with me seeing very little of the monetizing. My goal is not to “reach new fans, maximize views, likes, and follows.” My goal is to get my random thoughts down, talk about some knitting, and help decrease the Miss Millie population in society. Nice try, but naw. I can’t put exposure in my gas tank. I can’t pay my landlord in exposure.

Rapid-fire randoms:

  • So, some knitters are unapologetic white supremacists? You know that the biggest rocks with the most scaly grubs underneath are getting overturned if those monsters show up.
  • Seriously, though, how many ulcers do you have if you hate to that level, that degree? Your insides are just a pool of jelly held together by demon skins.
  • What do you even knit/crochet/sew?!?
  • These people are the people that BIPOC designers worry will see their patterns and pass up because the model is not lily white.
  • I didn’t watch anybody’s triggering video. Judge your mother. If I’m going to be that angry, I’d rather it be from me watching Roots.
  • I am appreciative of all of the ko-fi and pattern support, the thank you messages, and especially the pictures of the books you checked out.
  • I took a look at my pattern layouts and, sweet hell, I need to get it together. Kate Atherley’s book should help me with that, but yikes, my brain was all over the place and it shows.
  • Are you sad about Liam Neeson? Don’t be. All your faves are problematic and/or culture vultures. Notice how Lady Gaga was down to clown with R. Kelly until awards season rolled around. Yeah, she was going through some stuff, but his deeds were known for decades.
  • The SuperBowl just happened, but some of us call it Janet Jackson Appreciation Day. Appreciate Janet and disregard how the culture vulture Justin Timberlake (who told him he could wear cornrows?!?) left her to face backlash all by herself, but was cool basically trying to steal everything her brother did. He knew he was wrong when he changed his tune (literally) when Dolt 45 got elected. Nobody was spinning that stupid-as-hell wanna be Grizzly Adams album of his, were they?
  • Miley Cyrus did the same. Funny how people want everything to do with being Black and being part of Black culture, but don’t want to actually be Black.

Side story: let me tell y’all about this woman in Whole Foods who stole some tater tots at the breakfast buffet. Before you ask, yes, yes she was.

I’m going in with the Mini so we can get some breakfast, and I can pick up something for lunch. I’m thinking, “maybe I’ll get a wrap, maybe I’ll get Amy’s ravioli…we’ll see and…wayment……ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?” This woman goes over to the salad bar, grabs a cup used for side dressing, walks over to the breakfast bar and tosses like 5 tater tots in the cup and starts munching and walking.

I beg your WHOLE pardon, ma’am

She didn’t take 1, not even 2. She took 5. You might as well take a crispy edge of bacon, throw like 2 quarter-sized pieces of scrambled egg, and make it a to-go cup for all of that bravado, girl.

The thing that I thought the most was, “You let my Black @$$ try something like that, and I’m getting laid out in the middle of the store by security like Tiffany in the Coachella episode of Insecure.”

I’d say that I could take that as a sign that I’m not living my fullest life, but I want to live. Can’t #treatyoself if you’re a hashtag.

Anyways, Happy Black History Month anniversary because we know that we appreciate Black history all year, but just do extra credit in February (still couldn’t get anything but the shortest month….asses).


  1. Slightly related story:

    When I was around nine or ten years old, my white friend and I went to the little mom’n’pop store around the corner of our neighborhood, where my tow-headed pal proceeded to stuff Jolly Rogers candies into her pockets. Within sight of the shop owner, even! I said, “You can’t do that!”

    Guess who’s parents got the phone call about stealing candy?


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  2. I wondered that same thing – the the hell do they knit?? I feel sorry for their poor yarn!

    Although, this week I did learn some new questions to ask my doctor – so there’s that.

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