For real?

  • It shouldn’t amaze me at this point that people will think they’re being considerate by doing the bare minimum, despite other people & their environment saying otherwise.
  • Knitwear designers & yarn dyers leaving Instagram because they feel that it’s too toxic to talk about the hidden racism should really consider what they’re doing. How does it help the community to remove yourself from a much needed discussion? Maybe it helps if you leave, so you can stop holding up the progress people are trying to make.
  • If you have long been anti-racist and have projects that help in that tone, then wouldn’t you be down to help the discussion go further? Wouldn’t you be giving resources and linking people to information that you use/read and show them how to make meaningful change in their lives?
  • The fact that these designers/artists don’t even see their choice to leave and remove themselves is an indication, not only of privilege, but that their presence in the discussion won’t be missed because it was never there.
  • People will really try you until you have to show them that they shouldn’t.
  • I don’t remember a Black History Month being like this. I guess I’m more cognizant, but how the hell did we have a story about blackface almost every day of this month?
  • Black women keep being undermined, undervalued, and counted out…until you want our votes.
  • Speaking of votes, is everybody starting a presidential campaign?
  • Somebody please help Cory Booker figure it out. I don’t know what “it” is, but he needs the help. It’s not looking good when someone tweets that you are the human equivalent of a navy blue suit.
  • Please, any and all political candidates, do not show up in a Black church with a super-problematic jive accent and a story about your praying grandmother.
  • Jussie Smollett should be believed until some credible proof comes forth showing otherwise. A gay Black man is attacked and all of a sudden people want to believe the police? Oh okay.
  • I saw another person in Whole Foods “sampling” the soup this past week. How do these people feel comfortable taking the small sized cup, filling it halfway, and just walking around the store eating it?!? I’m just trying to get out without being glared at for not wanting to sample the overnight oats. Just let me buy the produce I can’t get at another grocery store, along with the guilt of supporting Amazon by shopping here, Kevin.
  • I just got an A5 journal for work. At first, I thought, “well, here’s another book I’ll forget about in 3 weeks”, but I think it’ll help me stay organized since I now know why I’ve been unorganized.
  • I shouldn’t say “unorganized”, when I just mean that I have to organize differently than someone else.
  • Why is is that I can have all of the knitting ideas when I have none of the time to execute? Is that just normal? Then it overflows into wishing for time to crochet, sew, get another spinning wheel, and a floor loom (the latter 2 for which I have no room). Don’t forget cross-stitch and hand-quilting.
  • Just as I told someone this weekend, I need to remember for myself that it’s alright to be gentle with myself, to be kind to myself, to be easy with myself. I don’t need to rush. I don’t need to be “more”. I don’t need to be “other”.


  1. I am hoping that those “checking out” of the diversity discussion will be a good thing. Perhaps by taking their toxicity and going home, those left can listen and learn and grow this community to what it always should have been.

    Or everyone is “thinking” about starting a presidential run, lol.

    I am with you on Jussie Smollet because **believe the victim** Period.

    And, wait for this one… I saw someone (yes, a woman!!) do that same thing on Sunday at Whole Foods… wth is wrong with people. Also, I was only watching for this because of you! LOL

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    • I’m hoping that those people will learn somehow, somewhere along the way that pulling away when it gets uncomfortable doesn’t always result in change.

      People are bold as hell when they have money! I don’t see people doing that in other markets. Maybe a grape or a piece of candy from the bulk section, but not a whole meal!

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