Anxiety sucks

  • Anxiety and depression are asses.
  • Imposter syndrome can go to hell, too.
  • None of them have any chill whatsoever.
  • Having an anxiety attack is an insult to your hindsight sometimes. I can see how I got to the attack and what things triggered it, but it’s the most clear after it’s over and I can’t do anything to stop it. Yeah, I can remember what happened and try to not end up in the same circumstance at a later date, but when I’m curled up on the couch, not wanting to move, thinking about how I’ll handle things in the future does not help.
  • After the car accident, I don’t want to drive a Subaru for a while. They’re great cars, but there’s too much flashing back for me. I don’t even want another white car. Ever.
  • I’m going to be 34 in about a week. Shit.
  • Can we put this most recent Black History Month in a bag of rice? Do a hard reset? Wait, not that hard of a reset. We’ll end up in those time periods people like to wish they could go back to, but don’t actually want to go back to unless you’re a hetero white male.
  • I still don’t know why people are willing to believe the Chicago PD over Jussie Smollett. I’m not seeing any super, beyond-a-reasonable-doubt evidence that he faked the whole thing. Even if it turns out that he lied, I’m not going to feel bad for believing him initially.
  • GREEN BOOK IS THE BEST PICTURE OF 2018?!? This is exactly what America deserves. Y’all don’t learn a damned thing. The son of the driver agreed with 45 that Muslims were cheering on 9/11 as towers fell, Dr. Shirley’s family said that no one consulted them about him. Mahershala Ali apologized because he wasn’t even aware that the family wasn’t consulted. Viggo Mortensen was saying the n-word during an interview, to make a point that no one says it anymore. Sir. As soon as I saw the previews, I couldn’t think about seeing another “let’s all get along” movie.
  • You know what’s really messed up? Another movie that actually deals with the Green Book and its inception won’t get to use the title Green Book. They could’ve named this movie White Guilt, but we can’t have nice things, I suppose.
  • Let’s make a movie about Black people who don’t need to be saved by a white person. No after-school writing club, no teacher who helped the tough, illiterate gang leader, and no period piece about the magical negro who helped the white child with character break out and make a life for themselves while the magical Negro stayed behind and dealt with slavery, Jim Crow, etc.
  • People are saying that it’s the worst movie to win Best Picture since Crash. I remember going to see Crash in the theater (I was younger!) and wondering, “Are all people really racist? ALL of us? Are you sure?”
  • Movies like this get made to absolve white people of confronting their biases, prejudices, and sometimes outright racism. If they make it so that everyone has a lesson to learn, then they don’t feel so bad with their own lack of growth.
  • I’m going to add How to Hide An Empire to my to-read list. I have so many to finish, but what’s one more? And this one might move up in the queue.
  • Knitter’s Pride posted a diversity & inclusion post on their blog. Someone sent me the link and noted that I should take a look at the very last section:
    • About our Social Media Channels 
    • It is important to us that all of our associates around the world reinforce our brand values for inclusion. Our US-based social media team will be undergoing diversity and inclusion training on how to effectively manage complex discussions in our media feeds.
    • Our position is to ensure that we continue to listen to the community about this important topic while also ensuring a respectful, safe place for all crafters.
    • Please understand that if we determine that our social media channels ever become a platform for intolerance or previously published content no longer aligns with our brand mission, we reserve the right to close commenting, block users or delete content.
    • We hope that you will continue to join us as we work to make the crafting community a more diverse, inclusive space for all crafters. After all, we believe- and we have demonstrated for over 30 years-that through knitting we can make the world a better place.

That bold portion caught my eye and to me, it seems like it’s saying that they’ll yank whatever is not agreeable or worded nicely. If y’all get too uppity, or there’s too much dip on your chip, they will shut you down and not think twice about it. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m still in a wtf mood about the whole situation, but it gives me pause. Guess I’ll be asking for some Lykke interchangeable needles for my birthday.

Check out Grace Anna, Sukrita, Korina, and Ocean over at Unfinished Object! They’ve been putting in work since day one and before then. Learn from them, but do not put the onus on them for you to apply what you learn. Don’t just “listen and learn”.

We might blog about crafts from time to time (eventually), but please know that for some of us, the recent sweeps are not flashes to be ignored or forgotten.

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  1. Of COURSE it won. It’s the final installment in The Blind Side Trilogy (The Help being part two). The story must be told, with a problematic-but-actually-decent-white guy helping a noble Black dude learn him a thing. Can’t let all the saviors be wimmins.

    Yeah, Black History Month needs a rest-of-the-year-every-year do over.

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