7.7.19 Random Thoughts

  • People are super-pissed about a mermaid being Black. Like, the amount of furious tweets I’ve seen with people offering a number of excuses for why they totally aren’t racist, but they just don’t see why Ariel has to be Black was enough to make me almost not even want to talk about it. This stuff gets tiring. Rue in The Hunger Games, MJ in the latest Spiderman franchise…people can stay mad. Just say you hate Black women/girls and be done.
  • When are we going to talk about Awkwafina being the voice of Scuttle? I don’t even like The Little Mermaid (or most Disney things) like that, but really?
  • People are giving donations to help those who are seeking asylum at the border, but the donations are being turned away. Of course they are. Treating people like humans?!? Blasphemy.
  • Public transportation is some bull. I will say that, after having had to use it for the past 2 months, I commend those who have no other option. I used to go anywhere on a bus or train as long as I had a pass, but I realized very quickly that I have been out of the game for more than a minute. The fare was way more than I remember, buses & trains can run late with seemingly no consequence to the driver (that never changed), and the amount of money I spent in one week on fare for myself and the kid was enough to put gas in my car for a smooth 3-4 weeks. Which brings me to…
  • Car repairs. I wouldn’t have been so frustrated with the service center if it weren’t for them continually underestimating the amount of time it took to fix our car. Telling me “tomorrow” for almost a week straight resulted in me spending even more money on bus fare/train tickets that I didn’t plan on spending because they said “tomorrow”. Sir, come on now. How come my white husband was immediately heard and catered to instead of being talked over and rushed off the phone like I was?
  • How come Instagram can be so quick to shut down a nonwhite person’s page, take their sweet time reinstating it, and then shut it down again?
  • How come I didn’t know about IG banning littleskeinanne until waaaaaaaay after it’d already been done?
  • How come I saw waaaaaaaay more support for Ravelry taking an anti-Drumpf stance than I saw news about people getting banned? Also, the people thinking they’re doing something by deleting their Ravelry accounts is hilarious. “I’m leaving!
  • I think the lightest read I have in my book pile is The Lost World (Crichton). Just like its predecessor, it is much more different than the movie based upon it, and in a good way.
  • Next book to read: When Affirmative Action Was White (Katznelson). I heard about it on Gaby Dunn’s podcast, Bad with Money. It’s not so much about people she interviews being bad with money in the latter seasons as much as it explores the ways in which money is not equal for everyone.
  • Still working through How to Hide An Empire and wondering when was America not f**king things up.
  • Has anyone else found it, not so much difficult, but that knitting/crochet is not the same? I still save some time to work a few rows here and there, but I feel like my knitting is not political enough. I’m sure those who feel that “everything is political and my knitting is ruined!” would love if I said this in their favor. I don’t know how to describe it, but I find that I have to make my knitting/crochet time count for more than it did before. It’s not just a craft anymore, and it never really was.
  • I almost typed out the “everything is political…” line from the above point in that alternating upper/lowercase font, but it is soooo problematic. People type it and think it’s done in a mocking tone, but when you Google it, there’s a lot of mention of “idiot”, “noob”, “r*t*rted”, “dumb”, etc. No thanks.
  • A white supremacist in Arizona stabbed a 17-year-old boy in the neck and killed him. The murderer (because that’s what he is) said he was threatened by the boy’s “rap music”. They’re already making this out to be a mental health issue. It’s a violent hate crime.
  • I had to remind myself this week that ADHD is a neurological imbalance, not a behavioral disorder. It can affect my behavior by triggering my anxiety and/or depression if I get caught in a spiral, but with medication, therapy, and processing, it’s manageable. MY ADHD is manageable. I do not speak for others nor do I say it to judge others. Everyone is where they are.
  • Speaking of people being where they are, figuring out a way to help at the border is definitely something to do. There are also people in your local area that need help. Find out if your area has:
    • LGBTQIA safe space/shelter, especially for youth
    • women’s and/or men’s shelters
    • support services for the elderly
    • food pantries/food banks
    • homeless shelters (bring toiletries, especially feminine hygiene products!)
    • classrooms/schools that need support (you can also check DonorsChoose.org!)
    • local nonprofit foundation chapters that help those with a specific health condition. Usually, people need extra support in addition to possibly receiving disability benefits (which don’t cover much at all).

One comment

  1. I don’t get the uproar over Ariel at all but, I think that Anand Giridharadas addressed a similar issue far better than I could. (His twitter thread is here: https://twitter.com/AnandWrites/status/1147695351442366464) I think he is absolutely right that we (and really I mean white people who are my age (58) or older) are “not used to seeing all kinds of people”. Do I put myself in that category? Yep. Hard as that is to admit. But, what I am capable of is admitting my mistakes and changing, improving, and trying harder every day to not be that person.

    Thank you for this post (and I hope your car is fixed soon!)


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