List of Randoms 9.10.19

  • Some people will always value proximity to whiteness (especially male heteronormative neurotypical whiteness) above all else.
  • People will show you their changed behavior through actions, not words.
  • I do not need anyone to validate me. If I should find myself in a situation where my input needs to be co-signed by someone else for approval, then my input is not valued.
  • Find a desert-island yarn in each yarn weight.
    • Fingering: ?
    • Sport: Reynolds Whiskey (discontinued)
    • DK: Brown Sheep Prairie Spun DK
    • Worsted: ?
    • Bulky: ?
  • I crossed that phrase out above because I feel like it might be a derogatory term referring to islands that are unknown only to mainland Americans. It might not be, but I’m not taking any chances at offending someone. Also, my gut is telling me to pick something else.
  • What about apocalypse yarn? Too dark?
  • Trust. your. gut. You’re usually on the mark about the forest even if you don’t know the details of every tree in it.
  • Pay your library fines.
  • Better yet, return the books on time!
  • Take the medication every day, at the same time. Sounds simple, but not when the medication you take is for something that makes it difficult for you to remember to take the medication.

  • Stop making plans based on what might happen, even if something sounds like a sure thing. There’s less disappointment.
  • Forgoing a plastic straw just to get the nitro (plastic) lid at Starbucks is a bunch of bull. Get the lid if you want, but don’t act righteous about it, especially when straws are not the enemy here. (Maybe it’s people’s perpetuation that people who need straws can and must accommodate those who don’t, as if the people who need them for whatever variety of reasons haven’t been accommodating the need-nots since the beginning of time.)
  • Raising children is like making the shittiest tiramisu. You start with layers like “Don’t play with fake guns because shooting someone is serious. They might die and you’d have to go to jail for a long time, maybe for the rest of your life.”
    You move from that and on to, “…and this amendment is the one that still treated people like chattel, forcing people to fight for basic human rights like voting. When people commit crimes, their voting rights are not always reinstated fully, if at all. They also suffer job discrimination based on their criminal history, whatever they did. People say they don’t discriminate, but they do. So, please don’t play with guns and be mindful of what you take in that features gun violence and especially domestic violence/violence towards women.”
  • Remember to be aware of LGBTQIA concerns and triumphs (especially those of Black transgender people), and not just when someone has been murdered.
  • It’s so much cheaper to buy a bottle of vanilla syrup and brew coffee at home. Starbucks is less messy for the one ordering, but then your wallet gets messy just before payday. Don’t do it!
  • Always check that the song you’re listening to is the real thing and not an off-putting cover. Somehow, if the song is both popular and obscure, the chances are greater that someone’s studio session singers are grabbing the mic, and they’re about to mess up your song. Bonus points if the album art looks like it was done in Microsoft Paint.
  • Teach people to fish from the beginning. If you help them often and/or do the work for them (even once!), you’ll be doing it forever.
  • I need to see myself and my skills the way others see them. Just because something comes easy to me doesn’t mean that it’s not something of which I can be proud.
  • Acrylic nails mess up the nail bed when taken off improperly. Getting gel manicures works when your nail isn’t jacked from the acrylic, but you run the risk of skin cancer from that UV light. Dip powder manicures are just glue with colored acrylic on top. What is the truth?!?

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