The Knitworthy, Together project was cancelled this year, but that doesn’t mean that my project is gone from it. I’m glad that I was given the photos to use to include in the pattern. It really makes a difference having good photos in patterns (thanks Kate!) and as good as iPhones get, sometimes you just need a DSLR.

 I really enjoyed knitting these socks, and it calls for the Tukuwool that I use in my cowl pattern, Rydal. It’s such a squishy yarn, but not too soft that the socks won’t hold up. It’s juhhhhhhhst right.

I named the pattern “Renovare”, which is Latin for “renew, refresh”. Designing the pattern, and the after-effects of pulling out of the project was like a renewal for me. It was a reminder for me to design less for some imaginary consumer who would magically want to knit every single thing I ever make, and to design what makes me happy. A little Marie Kondo approach to knitwear design, if you will. Does this spark joy? Then why am I designing this intarsia sock with 8 colors? Am I Kaffe Fassett? I thinketh not.

Lightning Round!

  • I appreciate all the love for the Spider-hoodie. I’m going to be real with y’all, though. It’s so gross right now lol. She’s slept in it. I’ve had to peel it off of her sweaty torso so she doesn’t give herself heat stroke in her sleep. I’m glad that she loves it as much as she does, and I’m glad that the yarn (Kelbourne Woolens Germantown and Perennial) has been able to keep up with her. That sweater will still wear as well as it is now and be just as pleasant to wear even when she can’t wear it anymore. If I ever do publish a pattern for it, it would be for next year’s Halloween.
  • Have you ever switched knitting needle/crochet hook material preference? I have used metal for years with some dabbling into bamboo, ebony or rosewood (Lantern Moon) or birch (those lovely Brittany needles!). Lately, though, I feel myself pushing on the points more. This sounds like I need to go faster and need a slicker needle, but I’m also desiring to slow down. Maybe it’s the big grey mod sweater, but I’m savoring my stitches. That’s when you know that you have a project that you love! I tried the Lykke needles and they’re not half bad! They have some grip, which would work well for smoother yarns while also having a decent middle-of-the-road point at the needle end. I only bought 2 pairs (4/3.5mm and 5/3.75mm), but if I like them and the experience is still good in the months coming, I’ll get an interchangeable set.
  • I got Disney Plus for, let’s face it, the Marvel collection, Star Wars, and Nat Geo. My daughter wanted to watch some movies and she picked Snow White. Holy shit. I know of Snow White and have seen clips here and there, but never watched the movie all the way through. I have…concerns.
    • Woman, made to clean in tattered clothing because of a jealous queen, sings songs to feral animals.
    • Man who also sings (wtf is there no neighborhood choir they can join?!?) hops the cement wall to say hi to her and do a duet. We got ourselves a regular ole Ashford & Simpson with these two.
    • Woman freaks out and runs AS SHE SHOULD.
    • Jealous queen finds out that the woman is now fairer than she is and sends a goon to murder the other woman.
    • Goon (only named Hunstman) feels guilty, can’t commit murder (bare minimum, my guy), and tells the woman to run.
  • (Concerns continued…)
    • Woman runs deeper into the forest to escape shadows, spontaneous wind gusts, and wild eyes. This includes her falling into a watery pit with driftwood alligators. She then passes out in the middle of the forest.
    • Woman wakes up, breaks and enters? into a home that is not hers, and begins to clean and cook.
    • Short men with varying social/mental/personality disorders welcome her in (with one grouchy asshole talking about “females and their wicked wiles”).
    • They think she’s pretty and are totally chill with her being there.
    • Jealous queen disguises herself and uses alchemy to create a poison apple for the woman to suffer a sleeping death. (My daughter made sure to tell me it’s a “sleeping death, not real death.” Either way, somebody is catching a case; we’ll figure out which degree at the sentencing.)
    • Woman chats up a strange older woman, eats her food, and dies. Lesson: don’t eat everybody’s food. Happy Thanksgiving!
    • Short men think she’s too beautiful to bury (no joke, that’s in the movie) so they make a coffin of glass and gold and put her body on display.
    • Wall-hopping man comes along and kisses a FUCKING DEAD BODY and the woman wakes.
    • She apparently lived happily ever after with her necrophiliac, except for all of the traumatized feral animals who were witnesses to all of this and now have severe cases of C-PTSD.
  • We had a nice discussion about how none of that is okay. She then picked Beauty & the Beast (Stockholm syndrome, dismissal of concerned parents under the guise of mental health problems by a misogynist asshole), but only watched it halfway through. There’s no way in hell she’s ever seeing Dumbo.
  • Currently reading: Bad Blood (Carreyrou). People just kept giving Elizabeth Holmes money.
  • Currently want to be reading: King Leopold’s Ghost, which arrives tomorrow!
  • Currently knitting: the grey beast. I’m almost finished the second sleeve and I can’t wait to get to the fronts. I have the math planned out, so it shouldn’t take too long to finish. I’m in a groove.
  • Podcasts: Lovett or Leave It, Swindled, and Keep It.

Remember to keep your mind, heart, and self safe this holiday season. Spend time with those you care for, and don’t feel pressure to spend time with those for whom you do not. Friendsgiving is something that started with the LGBTQ community (correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure it did) so that those who were estranged from and forced out by their families could still have a safe, warm, and loving holiday experience. Let’s remember why some of us NEED Friendsgiving. You never know what people are dealing with; keep that in mind.

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