Things I thought when asked if I watched the SuperBowl/Halftime Show

  • I wish I would.
  • Who watches the SuperBowl?
  • You know what, never mind. All this stuff happened between Black people and the NFL and people still had fantasy leagues, brackets, and gave their attention, money, and time to an organization that doesn’t give a flying rat fart about anything but money.
  • Not during my Black History Month.
  • Prince, Beyoncé, and Bruno had good halftime performances. Dassit.
  • SuperBowl Sunday will be Janet Jackson Appreciation Day (Justin, you still suck).
  • Speaking of culture vultures, Jennifer Lopez really had the nerve to start a hashtag called BronxGirlMagic. Looks and sounds real familiar to BlackGirlMagic. We can’t have nothing.
  • Why would I watch Jenny from the Block wave a Puerto Rican flag (empty gesture in lieu of actual help for Puerto Rico) and dance on a stage with Shakira? Why would I watch them take the stage, a stage that multiple Black and brown performers turned down?
  • What does it say about them that they didn’t turn it down (I hope they didn’t offer!) in order to show support for a more honest & robust discussion about police brutality in the Black community?
  • She couldn’t invite Ashanti to perform with her? All those songs she wrote/sang for her?
  • “Everybody wanna be a nigga, but nobody wanna be a nigga.”
  • The Chiefs fans are still doing racist shit towards Indigenous people, huh?
  • AHHHHHHH that Nick guy can’t go hang with his racist superhero! That’s what you get, clown.
  • Y’all’s leader really tweeted that Kansas City is in Kansas. Jesus be a Carmen Sandiego app.
  • You know I didn’t watch it. You know where I stand on certain issues. You can make small talk in another form. You didn’t ask me if I’ve been watching the impeachment trial, though, have you? As far as I’m concerned, both are highly political topics.

I’ll be over here trying not to let these allergies/sinus headache take me out while I try to read about modern sundown towns.


  1. So get this…

    White lady tells me I would’ve enjoyed the Shakira-Jenny extravaganza because they made a point to point out that they, and other Latinx and Hispanic folx, are Americans.

    Thank you, white lady, for telling me, a Latina, what I should enjoy and why, re: “but it’s celebrating your culture.” Hardest of all passes, including whatever whichever QB threw at whichever guy is the one who catches the sports ball.

    Meanwhile, the Sharpie Wielder-in-Chief took a seat during the National Anthem right after he stood there, no hand over heart, schmoozing up the crowd around him. But Colin took a knee. Disrespect looks awfully different when your hair isn’t natural, doesn’t it?


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