Well, I’m shocked

I honestly didn’t think that that man would be found guilty of all three charges. I thought that maybe one or two at the most and definitely not the heavier charges. Am I happy? No. I’m relieved that George Floyd’s family found some sort of justice, but it took entirely too much for them to get it. It took, what, a year? A year and video footage, firings, condemnation from that officer’s supervising officers, continuous protest & awareness of the situation, etc.

There are so many other names and families who have not gotten this, and I’d like to think that it’s a start. A start to police officers seeing and understanding that they cannot use their authority, privilege, and position to threaten, intimidate, and kill human beings because they indulge in racism and prejudice.

I worry that the other police officers charged won’t have to face the same level of accountability, but I can’t think that far ahead. I can try to hope that they will also answer for their parts in George Floyd’s death, but I know that America has shown its ass plenty of times before. Just because America decided to be human today doesn’t mean that Black and brown people will be granted that right on another day.

I’m going to continue to work, sew, knit, craft, relax, and just be. We’re still in a pandemic. We still need to wear masks. Vaccinations are happening, but not for everyone and I need to protect myself in order to protect them. It’s a small, tiny drop of relief and peace in a sea of anger and hurt and frustration. At least while I’m worrying about dodging bullets at the supermarket, I might not have to worry about them coming from a police officer who has control issues. Thanks, America.

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