Thoughts while sewing

Things I've thought while sewing recently:

  • Does my great aunt poke herself occasionally with pins, too?
  • I get why my aunt has multiple sergers and machines, although she's been a pro for decades and needs them more than I do.
  • Why can I never find the bias tape maker size I'm looking for?
  • I wish fixing sewing mistakes was as easy as fixing a knitting mistake. Or do I?
  • Which pair of scissors at my desk is the good pair of fabric scissors?
  • I'm going to forever have an ongoing blanket project, whether it's crocheted or handpieced.
  • Some techniques can be fussy, but those are the ones that always look so good.
  • Does sewing help channel my ADHD hyperfocusing, or does me having ADHD help me with sewing projects?
  • THERE are my good fabric scissors.
  • Is there a Wawak for knitting supplies? Not a store that sells yarn, but one that only sells notions, tools, accessories, etc.
  • As much as I like a good tool or gadget, some things you can't substitute or make a hack for.
  • I'm glad I found the iron I have. if I avoid a molten metal situation (yikes) like in that one Rowenta review I saw on Amazon.
  • Gutermann has me for life. The difference in their serger thread versus the one I used before is not a small one. The cones are also less fuzzy.
  • I should make a note and post it somewhere to always look at the fabric repeat direction. (Looking at you, upside down Tamarack jacket interior back piece.)
  • I love how I go through craft cycles, and manage to make room for them all, but God help me if I throw punch needle into the mix.
  • I hope we don't ever lose the Gee's Bend Collective.
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